Pre School Desk

Pre School Desk in Coimbatore

Pre School Desk

Ideal designs and manufactures the famed Pre School Desk. It is ergonomically designed with smooth finishing and competitive pricing. Our desks are a favourite amongst school going children and can be used sitting on the floor.

Ideal is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Pre School Desk at the best competitive price. Ideal designs and manufactures specifically for pre-school kids. The normal desk available in the market has a high risk of placing your kid on a high height desk. Also, we must monitor the pre-school going kids every time as they get hurt when they fall. The Pre-school desk eliminates unnecessary risks and reduces your monitoring time and fear.

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The plastic desks are designed in such a way that it greatly attracts children to spend more time in the chair and thus reducing the parent’s time on getting things done. The desk offers user- friendly to the kids and no extra care is needed for the school kids to sit on their desks.

The kid’s desk serves multiple purposes such as writing desk, sitting bench, etc… Materials used in the school desk are high-grade plastic materials. The desks are designed to give firm support and the anti-skid feature is added to provide safe usability to the pre-school going children. The special feature of the school kid desks is lightweight and even kids can move their desks to the selected location with very much effort.

Ideal produces the school desk with the perfect product finish as it eliminates the unnecessary risks that generally take place. The desk fulfils the varied requirements of the kids and the product give extra comfort to the kids on using the desk.

The pre-school desks are highly durable and they are easier to clean the entire desk within a short period of time. The desks are available in the best quality at an economical price in the market. Special testings are done to ensure the kid’s desks are safe to use every time.

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Used in elementary schools
Cost Effective
Used for writing, painting
High Quality Plastic Desks

Dimensions of Pre School Desk

Length (mm) Breadth (mm) Height (mm)
445 345 255


  • All Dimensions are in mm approx
  • Dimensions & Designs are subject to change without any prior notice.


  • Ideal for small children
  • Used in elementary schools, homes etc
  • Used for writing, feeding, painting, by small children

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