Wheel Bins

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Wheel Bins

Ideal Manufactures highly durable, wheeled trash bins. These bins are easy to use and maintain and can be used anywhere from the streets to offices to even homes, to clear out garbage. Our bins have a solid plastic construction. This bin is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move even when it is full. This product meets all FDA guidelines and is suitable for both personal and professional use.

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Ideal is the leading waste bin manufacturer with the best quality available at a competitive price in the market. Plastic wheelie bins accommodate the storage needs of the waste that are generated from home, commercial and industrial.
The Bin It is designed and manufactured with high-quality wheel rollers that make the product usability much easier. The wheelie installed in the bins is suitable for all kinds of surfaces with reliable movement. The wheelie Bin It can store all kinds of waste forms.

For commercial purposes, we manufacture large and big dustbins of varying capacities of 120 ltr and 240 ltr with wheels to store the wastes and bins. The garbage dustbin with wheels is manufactured with a strong bottom to store the heavyweight’s wastes. The plastic wheelie bins are designed to withstand different temperatures of the waste deposits and external temperature as the bins are UV Stabilized.

The wheel trashes are provided with the top closure to restrict the entry of external substances like rain and are designed for easy inflow and outflow of the waste materials. The plastic wheel Bin It is manufactured to satisfy the garbage collection requirements and the product is completely recyclable whenever needed. Big Dustbins with wheels are highly recommended when the daily disposing of waste exceeds 5 kgs per day.

The cleaning of the wheel bins are easy and the sump can be disposed of at any time. The handler is made of high strength to withstand the movement and it enhances the easy handling of the wheel bins. The garbage dustbins with wheels are the favourite choice for many commercials as it makes the disposing process much easier.

We have the best distributors and top rated retailers in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in Tamil Nadu i.e. Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Tiruppur, Salem, Erode, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Vellore, Karur, Thanjavur, Ambur, Kanchipuram and Tambaram. Ideal Wheelie Bin It delivers across Tier 1 cities in Pan India with the best service to our customers. We deliver our products within a few business days with proper packaging and a highly protective enclosure.

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UV Stabilised
Easy to clean
Completely recyclable

Dimensions of Wheel Bins

Capacity (Ltr) Length (mm) Breadth (mm) Height (mm)
120 LTRS 480 560 935
240 LTRS 750 590 1060


  • All Dimensions are in mm approx
  • Dimensions & Designs are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Capacity ranges 120 & 240 litres
  • Available with and without pedal, with wheel and without wheel
  • Available colours: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Black
  • Environmentally Friendly, durable, easy to use & maintain
  • Extra Strong and durable
  • They are UV Stabilised and 100% recyclable
  • Easy to clean

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