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IDEAL Fresh Water Tanks

As a leading water tanks manufacturer, Ideal India is strongly committed towards innovation and growth. Our Ideal Fresh water tanks are a new range of Antimicrobial, Antibacterial water tanks. Along with the exceptional durability and certifications of Ideal Tanks, Ideal Fresh Water tanks takes it a step further by restricting the growth of bacterial or microbial contaminants on the inner tank wall by upto 99%.

Ideal Fresh water tanks are a popular choice for customers who want additional hygiene and protection along with the quality and durability of our water tanks.

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IDEAL Fresh water tanks are a new range of premium water tanks which are Antibacterial as well. These tanks have their inner walls treated to restrict the growth of microbes without contaminating the stored water. Ideal Fresh Tanks are manufactured under strict adherence to quality standards and ensure the product is best in-class and durable.
Ideal manufactures the leading premium freshwater tanks in the market. Our tanks are FDA approved that have higher performance than other water tanks in the market. Our Freshwater tanks fulfil the purpose of Antibacterials which completely restricts the growth of bacterial contaminants inside the tanks. Ideal Antibacterial Water Tanks is suitable for long period water storage. The freshwater plastic tanks maintain the same water quality and make it consumable every time.
Ideal Antibacterial tanks ensure the zero percentage of microbial growth in the water. The inner walls of the water tanks are manufactured with the best grades of antibacterial raw materials that make the water tanks to protect the water from bacteria and other microbes. Ideal Antibacterial or Freshwater tanks are manufactured in various sizes of water storage capacity from 500 litres to 2000 litres. Ideal Antibacterial Water Tanks are the best freshwater tank at the best affordable price in the market.
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100% Virgin FDA Approved
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Easy Installation
Easy to install

Dimensions of IDEAL Fresh Water Tanks

Capacity (Ltr) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Manhole Dia (mm)
500 840 1010 400
750 910 1240 400
1000 1035 1345 390
1500 1255 1375 390
2000 1365 1555 450


  • All Dimensions are in mm approx
  • Dimensions & Designs are subject to change without any prior notice.


  • Available in 2 Layer , 3 Layer and 4 Layer
  • Capacity Range from 200 to 5000 Litres with Antimicrobial
  • 6 years warranty against manufacturing defects *(T&C Apply)
  • Anti-microbial properties pertaining Anti-bacterial growth
  • Available with Threaded Lids

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