Ideal Water Tanks

Our Water Tanks are built to last long and protect your health. Water storage tanks are manufactured using sophisticated modern machinery under strict quality control to meet ISI and ISO 9001 standard. Ideal provides a wide range of water storage solutions for a variety of customers based on their needs.

Commercial Water Tank

We are the prominent and leading manufacturer of Commercial Water Tanks

Economy Water Tank

SMART water tanks are quality tanks made for economical purposes

Stainless Steel Water Tank

IDEAL hygiene water tanks are a new range of Stainless-Steel water tanks.

Bin-It Dustbins

Ideal manufactures highly durable, wheeled trash bins. These bins are easy to use and maintain and can be used anywhere from the streets to offices to even homes, to clear out garbage. Our bins have a solid plastic construction. This bin is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move even when it is full.

Food Waste Composter

Ideal Digesters are a new range of food waste composters for Domestic Use. They turn food and other organic waste into manure in about 60-90 days. They can take cooked and uncooked food waste including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, bones, and dairy products as well.

Other Storage Tanks

Ideal’s Household Drums ensure highest standards of hygiene at a reasonable cost. It is used for Storing Water, rice, chemicals etc. These Drums are designed by using excellent grade raw materials for longer life and durability.

Infrastructural Products

Rainwater harvesting is one of the few effective solutions to tackle the ever-growing problems of water scarcity and hence has always made ecological sense. Also, it is a more economical alternative to water treatment plants/facilities.


Ideal designs and manufactures the famed Pre School Desk. It is ergonomically designed with smooth finishing and competitive pricing. Our desks are a favourite amongst school going children and can be used sitting on the floor.

Industrial Products

We at Ideal designs and manufactures crates/doffing boxes with the specific motive of easy handling of goods. Our boxes are used by the textile industry, auto components industry and all other industries that need to store and stack finished products.

Custom Moulded Products

An Award winning Product! Carding Wire Packing Box specifically for the Textile industry to help pack carding wire and protect it from corrosion and damage for one of the leading manufacturer of carding wire LCC.

Other Products

ROTOHAWK is our special Polyethylene Powder for Rotational Moulding application. It is formulated for exceptional performance and high accuracy in moulding applications

Moodi Manhole Cover

Suitable use in Residential, Institutions, Industries and complexes with pedestrain, foot ways, car parking and light motor vehicle traffic, to cover Water tanks, Septic tanks and for inspection chambers.

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