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IDEAL Water Tanks

Ideal India designs and manufactures highly durable 100% virgin water tanks for more than twenty years. Our tanks meet the recommended standards of ISI* and ISO 9001 standards. Our water tanks are easy to install and come with installation guide. Ideal water tanks can withstand all the seasonal changes and exhibit great durability. All tanks are UV stabilised and certified for water storage.

Ideal Water Tanks are one of the most reputed tanks in the market, popular for its Quality and Endurance with millions of customers throughout India and abroad.

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Our Water Tanks are built to last long and protect your health. Water storage tanks are manufactured using sophisticated modern machinery under strict quality control to meet ISI and ISO 9001 standard. Ideal provides a wide range of water storage solutions for a variety of customers based on their needs. All water tanks are made from 100 percent virgin materials and are completely recyclable.
Ideal India designs and manufactures highly durable water tanks which lasts longer with high quality. Our tanks meet the recommended standards of ISI and ISO 9001 standards. Ideal is the leading manufacturers of plastic water tanks that withstand all the seasonal changes and exhibit the best performance every time. The water temperature is maintained. even in the summer seasons. Ideal plastic water tanks produces the best quality tanks of varying quantities from 200 litres to 10000 litres.
Ideal Water Tanks satisfies the changing needs of the customer through product modifications. Plastic tanks can be fixed at any part of the buildings. Ideal manufactures plastic water tanks with varying sizes to accommodate the available building space. Ideal makes the cleaning process of the water tank so easier. Ideal water tanks use 100% virgin food-grade materials in the product as it is completely harmless to humans. Ideal products are listed in the certified water storage tanks. Ideal manufactures the best quality water tanks at a reasonable price.
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100% Virgin FDA Approved
Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance
Easy Installation
Easy to install
Temperature Resistance
Customized Water Tanks

Dimensions of IDEAL Water Tanks

Capacity (Ltr) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Manhole Dia (mm)
200 660 690 280
300 700 850 280
500 840 1010 400
750 910 1240 400
1000 1035 1345 390
MT 1000 1030 1280 370
1500 1255 1375 390
2000 1365 1555 450
2500 1440 1650 460
3000 1575 1655 470
4000 1575 2155 470
5000 1870 2080 465
7500 1850 2945 450
10000 2370 2625 470


  • All Dimensions are in mm approx
  • Dimensions & Designs are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Available in 2,3 and 4 layers
  • Capacity ranges from 60 to 10,000 litres
  • Upto 10 years warranty* (T & C apply)
  • Easy to Install and Easy Maintenance
  • Completely Odour Free
  • UV stabilized
  • Strong and Durable
  • Available with Outer Threaded and Mould Threaded lids
  • Also available with ISI

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