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Ideal was established in 1997, under the Ideal Group of Companies, is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

We have an end-to-end integrated manufacturing facility to produce robust and top-quality virgin grade rotational moulded products and polyethylene powder.

We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and one of the few manufacturers in the country to make ISI certified tanks.

We are proud to have more than one million happy customers and a vast dealer network across South India. We also export to multiple markets, including Maldives, UAE, and many African countries.


Wide Range of products
Industry Experience
Satisfied Customers
Ideal is based in Coimbatore. Ideal Water Tanks has always relied on the support of its people–our greatest asset. We always keep our ears to the ground of the market and our nose to the grindstone of Quality.
Started in 1997 with the manufacturing of water tanks, we consistently upgraded our products and services over the years to reach the stage where we are today, with a wide distribution network in India and overseas.
Ideal Milestone
What we do?
We manufacture a wide range of products, including water tanks, industrial tanks, educational products, dustbins, food waste composters, textile trolleys, crates, and many more items. We also manufacture custom moulded products for various industries.
Besides manufacturing a broad range of eco-friendly, world-class standard product range, we also provide custom moulding solutions to various industries. Polyethylene powders for Roto moulding industry.
Our Vision
At Ideal, we focus on building a brand that is eco-friendly, responsible and ensures superior Quality by the latest technology and quality control.
Our Mission
Our mission is to produce storage and roto moulded solutions that are highly durable and are 100% pure food-grade material.
Quality Policy
We are committed to Design, Develop, Manufacture, moulded products at the most affordable cost to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of Quality and deliver through continual improvement in all process involved in our Quality Management System accredited by ISI and ISO 9001 certifications.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy
Responsibility towards the environment is one of our topmost priorities. Starting from our in-house raw material production through the entire process lines, we ensure to protect our environment by following a stringent environment-friendly policy to deliver safe and easy to maintain high-quality, hygiene friendly products.
Myths About Water Tanks
Myth: Multi Layer means
more strength

Fact: More the layer, lesser the Strength. Single and Double Layer Tanks are stronger.

Myth: Colour Tanks are good

Fact: Colour tanks tend to degrade when it is exposed to Sunlight. So, Black tanks are always the best and give you long life.

* We, at Ideal use only the highest quality carbon pigments for black colour to achieve superior life. UV stabiliser is applied to coloured tanks for longer life.

Myth: Low cost tanks are better

Fact: Low cost tanks are mostly manufactured using Roadside Plastic Wastes and imported Plastic Scrap,which is harmful to store drinking water.

* We, at Ideal use only food grade raw material certified and suitable for water storage.

Myth: Foam Tanks are better

Fact : Foam tanks use a chemical to form the foam layer and in most of the cases, the foam materials are not suitable for food grade application. They might deteriorate the water quality.

Myth: Blow Moulded Tanks are stronger

Fact : Blow Moulding tanks are not Ideal for water storage. They can be identified by the partition that goes through the middle of the tank. This partition overtime cannot withstand the pressure of the water stored and leads to breakages.

SI.No Features 2 Layer Black Tanks 3 Layer White & Colour Tanks Multi Layer Colour Foam Tanks Blow Moulded Multi Layer Tanks
1 Life of Tanks 15 - 20 Years 3 - 7 Years 3 - 7 Years 2 - 4 Years
2 Water Temperature Normal Less Low Normal
3 Appearance Good Very Good Very Good Good
4 Strength Very Good Good Moderate Very Low
5 Food Grade Yes Yes Partially Yes Moderate
6 Repair & Maintenance Possible Moderately Possible Not Possible Not Possible
7 Cost Low High Very High Very Low
8 RP Material Mixing Nil Nil Low to High Very High
Manufacturing Capabilties
At Ideal, we believe in success by delivering the right product, with an eco-friendly yet robust quality, at the right time, and affordable price to you.
Our manufacturing facility, manned by highly skilled and qualified technicians, is dedicated to ensuring efficiency and smart management to create one of the best shop floors in the country.
Today, Ideal Plastic has one of the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the country. We carefully design our products that delivers a practical solution to our customers. Our products are simple yet durable, low on maintenance and long-lasting. We put substance with style at an affordable cost that puts us way ahead of our competitors.
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