Ideal Brand Water Tanks are built to last, built to protect your health, Ideal water storage tanks are manufactured using sophisticated modern machinery under strict quality control to meet ISI and ISO 9000 standards.

Industrial Use Plastic Products in Coimbatore

Plastic Crates

We at Ideal designs and manufactures crates/doffing boxes with the specific motive of easy handling of goods. Our boxes are used by the textile industry, auto components industry and all other industries that need to store and stack finished products. We also assist and advise customers who require custom made solutions for their storage needs.

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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Ideal manufactures roto moulded pallets with innovative technology and designs. They are made to withstand heaviest loads and daily wear and tear. They are easy to stack, anti-skid, and environmentally friendly. Load capacity of pallets is arrived at using UDL (Uniformly distributed load).

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Best Plastic Products

Textile Trolleys

Ideal manufactures Textile Trolleys and it is moulded out of superior grades of polyethylene.

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